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is the new name of the French brand Les Mémères Paris, created in Paris by Marine Hulo in 2017.

The collection is inspired by Marine ’s experiences of growing up with her family in the Loire Valley, a lot of travel, auction and flea market, then later living and working in Paris were she started in decoration interior design. 

One day at a flea market, this real lover of fusing vintage authenticity with modern life style, had a crush on a antique needlepoint canvas and realized the many long hours lovingly devoted to this treasure not very trendy in France at this time .
She thought 

"Nobody puts baby in a corner!" 

She designed with her mum her first needlepoint tapestry bag, and after more and more requests from people in the street for its unique tote, she knew she had something special.

She created her first collection in Paris in 2017 and continues to give a true revival to this nostalgic French tapestries.

In June 2022,  she left Paris for a new life in Dallas, Texas with her husband and son, where Les Mémères Paris became Maison Preston from Paris.



All our bags and clutches are One of a kind made from recycle  french needlepoint tapestries, which naturally limits the mass production and makes Upcycling our priority.

Vintage and antique, each canvas is a magical piece of many long hours lovingly devoted of handmade work, crafted by natural material like cotton or wool. 

We believe in Quality over quantity, so we only make few collections during  the year .

As we support sustainability and local business, we design our collection in Dallas,Texas and assemble the creations in a Texan workshop located in the city of Sherman.

Sustainable, ethical, memories, quality, stylish,  happiness, fun, local, colorful and Unique

We call this Positive brand .


Maison Preston
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