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  • When I saw this vintage tapestry, it remind me the representation of a watercolor bucolic painting, like a the cover of a romantic book...and  I felt in love.

    This tapestry could be a representation ofStand out with this amazing pièce unique made from French needlepoint tapestry, which will be perfect for your phone, your makeup, keys, passport or other essentials. Throw in into any larger bag to stay organized or hold it for a perfect style.

  • - Dimensions :

      Length  25 cm/ 9.8 in x Height 19 cm / 7.5 in

    - White zipper

    - Interior lined in ecru cotton

    - Back in cotton

    - Flat and supple

    - Main compartment

    - Cotton Needlepoint tapestry sourced in France

    - Clutch made in the U.S

    - One of a kind

    - Machine washable ( see care tips)


    Please note that all our bags & clutches are made from antique and vintage French needlepoint tapestries that can show sometimes some imperfection or missing embroidery stitches. In this, we intentionally make the choice to never repair it, respecting their history and the handmade work behind each treasure.

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