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Maison Preston X Your Heirloom

"My real calling is to repurposing authentic needlepoint canvas and giving them
a new style for a daily wear.
My heart and my soul goes into each one of my creations, so tell me about your story and let's make THE ONE."

Maison Preston


You have this tapestry for a very long time, you made it, it was your mother or grandmother, or you had a crush on it...Tell me more about your treasure and let's give a new style to become your trendy tapestry clutch.

I will take a great care to delicately wash your 
needlepoint and
 make it perfect for a new life, then let's give it a twist with many options and make it sentimental with a personal subtly embroidered message inside.

(Custom clutch start at $100)


Kitschy, vintage, often endearing, your nostalgic heart recall memories.

You love the Maison Preston's style and want to reinvent your heirlooms 
into a modern one of a kind bag... you are in the right place!

Depending on their sizes, their shapes, their color tone, I will propose you my inspiration.

If there are any personal details that you would like to add, I will do my best to accommodate your preferences. I have a large collection of vintage French tapestries and I would love sharing with you to personalize your dream bag.

(Price on quote)

Maison Preston

You just want to know if this is possible with your tapestry
Please take some pictures and send it to my ph
one :).

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